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How to get the Free trial period?

You can try our free trial period or get a full demonstration. All you have to do is send an email to the Vaccination Register. And as soon as possible we will contact u! You can send the email to the following address: info@vaccinationregister.com. Please add your phone number and name of your Company to the email.

Other questions

Do you have questions regarding the way in which the application works? Please contact us at +31 85 4019430 of request a demonstration by email.

About us

The vaccination register has been developed specifically for institutions that are active in the travel advice and vaccination industry. The software works completely online (SAAS), is easy to use and scalable for both smaller and large organizations. We have years of experience in the ICT branch, for example with the software and services for Autolex, Kooijmans Software and many others.

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